Surname: Rahimi_mg_3135
Name: Mohammad
Date of birth: April, 28, 1993
Marital status: Single
Address: Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
Telegram: https://telegram.me/MhmRhm
E-Mail: rahimi.mhmmd@gmail.com


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. Shahid Beheshti University (SBU ), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Tehran, Iran. (September 2012 –September 2016), GPA: 15.5 out of 20.
  • Diploma in Mathematics Physics. Tose-e , Tehran, Iran. (September 2009 -June2012),GPA: 19.78 out of 20.


  1. C, university course.
  2. C++, certification from Jahad- e Daneshgahi, Tehran University.
  3. C#, Java and Android, Self study.
  4. Wincc & Step7 PLC programming and networking, SAIPA internship program.
  5. PLC LOGO! v8 programming and wireless networking, Dr.Robot, Sharif University of Technology.
  6. Reading electrical schematics and implementing control boxes, SAIPA internship program.
  7. FPGA programming, university course.
  8. Arduino, along with Degree’s Final Project, skills such as serial communication with programs written in C# and native C++, working with LCDs, servo motors, GSMs, ESP8266 WiFi modules and I2C sensors.
  9. Machine Vision, along with Degree’s Final Project, familiar with OpenCV library and different image processing and object detection algorithms.


Farsi (Native Language),  English(Fluent), Arabic (Basic Knowledge)

Research Interests

Machine Vision
Fault Detection and Isolation